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Old currency to sell?

Do you have old coins you inherited? We want to buy your rare Gold & Silver coins Today. Give us a call. Selling your rare coins can be a very difficult decision. Everyone promises to pay the most. Today’s rare coin market is very complex and getting the highest prices for your coins requires someone who can assist you with research, grading, and pricing.

Estate Watch will be there for you. We are professional numismatist and have been collecting coins since our childhood. We also deal in paper money.

Right now is a perfect time to sell your collection. We buy all gold and silver coins regardless of their denomination, condition or country of origin. If you would like to come by and have us put a value on your coin collection, we would be glad to do it.

Rare Currency

We buy rare currency. From Confederate notes, Gold Certificates, Fractional currency, $500 Notes, and $1000 Notes. Give us a call for a quote.


What coins do we buy?

We buy silver coins and gold coins Houston on a daily basis. No matter where they are from. Below are some of the coins that we buy and sell.

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Cash for Gold Coins

Sell Silver Coins

Sell Foreign Gold Coins

Gold American Eagles
Gold American Buffalo
$20 Liberty Coins
$20 St. Gaudens
$10 Liberty Coins
$10 Indian Coins
$5 Liberty Gold Coins
$5 Indian Gold Coins
$3 Gold Coins
$2.5 Libery Gold Coins
$2.5 Indian Gold  Coins
$1 Gold Coins
Double Eagle Gold

American Eagles
90 % Silver Coins  ( Junk Silver )
40% Silver Coins
Early Dollars
Morgan Silver Dollars
Silver Peace Dollars
Early Half Dollars
Seated Liberty Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Franklin Half Dollars
Kennedy Half Dollars
Early Quarters
Seated Liberty Quarters
Barber Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Washington Quarters
Silver Rounds
Maple Leafs
Mexican Libertads
Bust Dollars

Australian Nuggets
Austria 1 Ducat
Austria 100 Corona
Austria 20 Corona
Austria 4 Ducat
Austria Philharmonic
British Gold Sovereigns
Chinese Pandas
French Franc
Germany 20 Mark
Gibraltar Angels
Hungary 100 Korona
Isle of Man Cats
Italy 20 Lira
Mexico 10 Peso
Mexico 2 Peso
Mexico 2.5 Peso
Mexico 20 peso
Mexico 5 Peso
Mexico 50 Peso  Centenario