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Navajo Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant by Tony Garcia

STUNNING Navajo Turquoise and Sterling Silver Pendant by Tony Garcia

  1. Pendant
  2. Length: 2 3/4 inches
  3. Weight: 26.5 grams
  4. Metal: Sterling Silver
  5. Artisan: Tony Garcia


Tony Garcia was born in Laguna, New Mexico, a small Native American village near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As a young man, Tony joined the United States Marine Corp. He served for three years, two of which he was stationed in Japan.

Tony began to learn silversmithing by watching his brother-in-law at a young age. He watched him make jewelry and get paid for it. He saw how his brother-in-law used his tools and melted the silver. Then Tony tried it for himself. He melted the solder of tin cans and used it to practice silverwork. At first he made plain bracelets from strips of silver set with a turquoise stone and decorated with stamp designs. His skills increased until he was proficient in most silversmithing techniques. He has made many forms of silverwork that he could sell, from candlesticks and bowls to all types of jewelry. He has used these silversmithing skills for nearly 40 years.


Helpful Decision Making Tips

Pendant Sizing

Because it s so small, jewelry is almost exclusively measured in millimeters, but that can be hard to visualize without a reference point. Keep these common-coin sizes in mind for your next pendant purchase:

Coin — Approximate Diameter


  1. Dime — 18mm
  2. Penny — 19mm
  3. Nickel — 21mm
  4. Quarter — 24mm
  5. Half Dollar — 30m

Additional information

Modified Item:


Main Stone:


Country/Region of Manufacture:

United States


Native American




Sterling Silver

Metal Purity:


Jewelry Type:



Tony Garcia

Tribal Affiliation:



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