Since 1993 Ace Watch, Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers has been the #1 jewelry buyers in Houston. We buy all fine quality jewelry. While a lot of jewelry sold today is out of fashion you may have a piece that is currently in high demand. These pieces we will buy as a finished piece of jewelry not at scrap price. We are always looking to buy fine quality jewelry pieces, large G.I.A. certified diamonds, fancy cut and colored diamonds, Our jewelry buyers have years of experience and are always up to date on the latest jewelry trends. 

When selling your jewelry sell to a true jewelry buyer. Now finding a true jewelry buyer is not as easy as it used to be. When the gold rush started there were an influx of gold buyers that claim they “Pay Top Dollar for your Gold”. While this sounds amazing the truth is these “gold buyers” are paying their bills and salary with your gold. Some of these places paid as low as 50% – 65% of your golds actual value. While no one, and I mean no one will ever pay you 100% of the gold value, after all they do have to make a living, doing some research will greatly increase the amount you get for your jewelry. So what do you want to look out for?

1) Does the place you are selling your jewelry to also have items in stock for you to purchase?  Is it a real jewelry store and re-seller of fine estate jewelry? If not they are going to just melt down your jewelry and sell it to the refinery. This also means they are paying their bills 100% from the profit they make buying your jewelry, family heirlooms, and gold. This is a pretty good indication you are not being paid top dollar. We have a large selection of jewelry, diamonds, gold bullion, and rare gold & silver coins. At Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we actually take the time to go through each one of your items during the purchase process and try to place them with someone who will love it just as much as you did the day you got it.

2) Are you selling to a true jewelry buyer or someone who just got in on the gold rush? Check and see how long the company has been around. You are always better off selling to a long established company with deep ties to the community. We have been in the same location since 1993.

3) What is the jewelry buyers reputation? This is easy to figure out. Take a few minutes and look at their B.B.B. rating and google and yelp reviews. Every business will have a bad review or 2 but make sure you are doing business with a company with at least a 4* google review rating. We ourselves are proud to have an A+ rating with the B.B.B. as well as a 4.5 google rating. Hey no one is perfect!

4) How much experience do they have in the jewelry industry. Only deal with true jewelers.You wouldn’t want a jeweler flying your plane, why would you want a pilot buying your jewelry. The owner of Ace Watch Company is a diamond specialist, jeweler, horologist, and a professional numismatist.

Red Flags to look out for when selling Jewelry

At Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we want you to feel comfortable when selling your jewelry and priceless family heirlooms. Whether you are selling to us or another jewelry buyer here are a few things to look out for when selling your jewelry. 

1)  Are they weighing your jewelry in front of you? Be wary of companies that walk away with your jewelry to weigh it. It is one thing to take a piece away to show to someone with more experience with that particular type of item it is another to take all your pieces away to simply weigh them. This is a common tactic to low ball your weights. If they walk away with all your items take your items some where else. 

2) Are their scales regularly inspected by the Texas Department of Agriculture. I know what does the T.D.O.A. have to do with selling jewelry? They are charged with inspecting all scales for jewelry buyers to ensure they are properly calibrated. Our scales are calibrated yearly by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

3) Are they registered with the Office of Consumer Credit Commission and the Texas Precious Metals Division? An easy way to tell is they should be inputting the transaction in a system called Leads Online as well as getting pictures of the items, you the seller and a fingerprint to submit to Leads Online which is forwarded to the O.C.C.C. and the T.D.P.M. A valid I.D. is required as well by the state of Texas for all precious metals sales.The Leads Online system is state mandated for all buyers of jewelry and precious metals. If they are not doing these steps they are in violation of state laws which is a sure sign they are not on the up and up. 

4) When selling a diamond ring it is important to remember that small melee diamonds, diamonds between .01-.15 have very little to no resale value unless matched with a large amount of similar stones. Larger diamonds however do have a large resell market. Be wary of companies that try to tell you they will only pay gold weight when you have a 1.00 carat or larger stone.

5) If you are not comfortable with the price do not accept it. If you feel like you are not getting the best price shop it around a bit. Some stores may have a customer looking for a piece just like yours and may be willing to pay more for it to fulfill that need. Personally we feel you should shop it around a bit before coming to us. We will match or beat any legitimate offer. 

One rule of thumb to always follow is always trust your feelings. If you do not feel comfortable selling your jewelry don’t do it. No one can force you to accept their offer and do not feel obligated to accept an offer because you feel bad because they took the time to price it out. When you find a company your are happy with stick with them. The most important thing when parting with beloved jewelry and family heirlooms is that you are satisfied with the transaction. When you sell your jewelry to Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we will explain each step we take when determining our offer. We are 100% transparent. You are never under any obligation to accept our offer. We never want a customer to feel pressured when selling jewelry to us. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal.


What Types of Jewelry do We Buy

We buy all types of jewelry. We will buy any jewelry made of gold, silver or platinum. We are always looking for engagement rings, fashion rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. We also buy large G.I.A. certified diamonds, colored gemstone jewelry, dental gold, sterling silver flatware and serving dishes, as well as gold and silver coins and bullion. Pearl jewelry is only purchased for resale. Pearls are purchased on a case by case basis depending of the desirability of the item. While we do not purchase all pearl jewelry we would love to see what you have to see if you might just happen to own one of those highly desirable pieces.

At Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we love jewelry. We love to see peoples jewelry collections and love to hear the stories behind the piece. Please stop in and talk jewelry with us. We are happy to appraise your jewelry for you even if you are not ready to sell yet. This way you get an idea of what the items are worth before you sell. Please note that metal markets fluctuate and prices do change based on the current market price. We will inform you of the current gold price and how to check the current gold prices in case you want to watch for the market to go up before your sell your jewelry. While part of our jewelry evaluation services/appraisal is based on the current metal markets our final price is based on the jewelry value of your pieces. While we will buy broken and out of style items at metal value, the pieces of jewelry in your collection which have a higher value will be priced accordingly. During the evaluation process we will determine which pieces have a higher resale value and price them accordingly. If you ever have any questions regarding our buying practices please call us at 713-521-4444 and we are more than happy to clarify any of our procedures. 

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