5,655 carat zambian emerald

Zambian Emeralds are some of the most sought after emeralds in the world. This is due to this regions amazing clarity and color of these emeralds. While this is not the largest emerald to come out of the Gemfield mines in Kangem, it is one of the best quality emeralds to be found in recent history. Weighing in at an astounding 5,655 carats, this emerald named “Inkalamu,”, which translates to “Lion”, has an amazing clarity and golden green hue. This emerald is being cut into smaller stones and is planned to be auctioned off in Singapore this November. You can view the full article from CNN here.  The largest stone to ever be mined from this mine was a 6,255 carats which was named “Elephant” due to its massive size.

What a lot of people do not realize is that emeralds are more rare than diamonds. Finding a good clean emerald is extremely rare. That’s why most emerald you see have visible carbon deposits even after the stone is cut. High clarity emeralds can run you considerably more than a high clarity diamond of the same weight. Emeralds are an extremely popular colored stone due to its deep green color. Personally emerald is my favorite gemstone, with green tourmaline being a close second. Emeralds commonly will be set along with sapphires and rubies as finding matching natural emeralds are becoming increasingly difficult.



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