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Watch Spotlight of the Week: The Rolex G.M.T. Master and G.M.T. Master 2

Watch Spotlight of the Week: The Rolex G.M.T. Master and G.M.T. Master 2

On the 15th of July, 1954 a new Boeing airplane took off from the company’s strip at Renton, Washington. Built to be the U.S. Air Forces type request number KC 135. It was a 4 jet engine, air to air tanker designed to extend the range of the of the new B47 jet bomber to intercontinental range. It only took 1 year before the government allows a commercial passenger version designated the 707. Pan Am was the first commercial airline to fly the 707 in 1956. With the new larger size plane, Pan Am began flying intercontinental flights. Travelers loved the new plane as it cut the flight from 13 hours to 7. However now the pilots found themselves dealing with a new problem, “jet lag”. To put it simply, the body’s internal rhythms were knocked off balance by the sudden between time zones 5 or 6 hours apart. Pan Am was worried about the effects this may be putting on its pilots. Pan Am wanted to keep the pilots on their “home” time as well as making sure they knew the current local time. To meet both these needs Pan Am Asked Rolex to develop a watch that could do both. A joint task force was commissioned with the development of this new watch. The watch that came from this effort, The Rolex G.M.T. Master. The G.M.T name came from Greenwich Mean Time. The G.M.T. Master was a heavily revised version of the “Turn-O-Graph” (model 6202) with the calibre 1035 movement upgraded with the addition of a supplementary 24 hour driving wheel. The new movement now called the cailbre 1065 powered a watch that featured 4 hands having a 24 hour hand in addition to the hour, minute and second hands. Together this allowed the wearer to tell the time in 2 times zones without having to try to add or subtract the hours yourself. This made it much easier for pilots to keep track of the times in their home timezone as well as their destination. A G.M.T. Master also accompanied Astronaut Jack Swigerts on Apollo XIII and hangs at NASA honoring the long relationship between NASA and Rolex.

The G.M.T. Master and Master 2 have always been designed as a pilots watch, but has become a favorite of businessmen who travel for work. It allowed them to keep track of the time back home, making it easier to communicate with their family as well as their home office. While there have been many changes made to the G.M.T. all the features that made it famous are still incorporated in the watch. There have been many famous variation of this watch such as the “Pepsi” The “Coca Cola” And the “Batman” to name a few. While designed for pilots, the G.M.T. Master has become one of the most popular models of Rolex watches to date.

Watch Spotlight of the Week: The Rolex Submariner

Watch Spotlight of the Week: The Rolex Submariner

Rolex Blue SubmarinerThe Rolex stand at the 1954 Basel Spring fair was one of the largest, most colorful Rolex ever had. The large windows were extravagantly decorated in pastels, and held some of Rolex’s most important new products. The datejust in fact had just undergone a some major upgrades including the “cyclops” date lens. But the honor of placement was given to a strange, oversized steel watch with a hemispheric bezel and proudly bearing the name “Submariner”. The submariner stole the show, after all it was Rolex’s pride and joy.

Just six months earlier, on September 30, 1953, Professor Auguste Piccard and his son Jacques had piloted their new bathyscaphe, a type of submersible vessel sea for deep sea exploration, to a world record depth of 010,335 feet below the ocean surface. The watch that had accompanied them on the journey was no other than the Rolex Submariner. However the watch wasn’t much use to the Professor as it was attached to the outside of the vessel. At a depth of 10,335 feet the Submariner was subjected to the pressure of 600 atmospheres. That equals about two tons per square inch for two hours and fifteen minutes. Not only did the Submariner survive, it returned in as good of condition as it left.

The skills needed to produce a watch of this quality was used in designing the case, crown, and the crystal. It carried the reference number 6204 and, as a production watch, was waterproof to a more realistic 660 feet. The watch was marketed as “The Diver’s Friend”.

Rolex 50th Anniversary SubOne of the reasons for the Submariner’s immediate success was timing. It was perfect timing as people were obsessed with watching the undersea adventures of explorers like Jacques Cousteau, and Hand and Lotte Haas on television and at the movies, to say nothing of weekly exploits of Lloyd Bridges in “Sea Hunt:. This and the development if SCUBA diving as a sport really drove the desire for the diver watch. After all a diver needs a dependable watch as much as he needs air. The rotating bezel helped the diver to keep track of how much air he had left.

While it started out as a must have for divers around the world, now the Submariner is one of the most popular sports model watch in the world. While some people like the elegant style of the Rolex President, the Submariner is a sporty alternative to the more elegant, dressy Rolex watches. At Ace Watch we have an amazing selection of Rolex Submariners in stock at any time. If there is a particular model you are searching for check back with us regularly as our stock is ever changing. You can call us anytime at 713-521-4444, or drop us an email at

5,655 Carat Emerald Discovered in Zambian Mine

5,655 Carat Emerald Discovered in Zambian Mine

Zambian Emeralds are some of the most sought after emeralds in the world. This is due to this regions amazing clarity and color of these emeralds. While this is not the largest emerald to come out of the Gemfield mines in Kangem, it is one of the best quality emeralds to be found in recent history. Weighing in at an astounding 5,655 carats, this emerald named “Inkalamu,”, which translates to “Lion”, has an amazing clarity and golden green hue. This emerald is being cut into smaller stones and is planned to be auctioned off in Singapore this November. You can view the full article from CNN here. The largest stone to ever be mined from this mine was a 6,255 carats which was named “Elephant” due to its massive size.

What a lot of people do not realize is that emeralds are more rare than diamonds. Finding a good clean emerald is extremely rare. That’s why most emerald you see have visible carbon deposits even after the stone is cut. High clarity emeralds can run you considerably more than a high clarity diamond of the same weight. Emeralds are an extremely popular colored stone due to its deep green color. Personally emerald is my favorite gemstone, with green tourmaline being a close second. Emeralds commonly will be set along with sapphires and rubies as finding matching natural emeralds are becoming increasingly difficult.

Tips for getting the most money for your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

Tips for getting the most money for your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

Previously we have discussed how to spot a fake Rolex and tips on selling your watch. Today we would like to discuss ways to get the most money for your Pre-Owned Rolex watch. Please note all information in this article are opinions based on years in the industry and should be used for general information to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive right in.

Top Factors in Increasing the Value of your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

1.Condition, condition, condition. Condition is always the most important factor in determining the value whether it is a Rolex or a car. On a Rolex one of the most important parts is the band. How tight are the links in the band? A tighter band is more desirable than one with stretched out links. In the image below you can see the difference between a tight band and a loose band. Now one of these bands are is an “Oyster” band and one is a “Jubilee” band but it at least gives you a visual representation to give you an idea what to look for.


Still confused? Give us a call at 713-521-4444 and let one of our watch specialists help you determine the condition of your band.

2. Another part of the condition is the case. How scratched up is it? What condition is the crystal in? While these are important factors you can always replace the crystal and polish the case to get it back in pristine condition. If this is needed to be done before reselling your watch it will reduce the amount you get when selling your watch as we will have to invest in refurbishing the watch to meet our standards before we are able to sell it. All Pre-Owned Rolex watches are refinished and we clean oil and adjust the movements to get the watch back to factory specifications. We also give a 1 year warranty on all pre-owned watches we sell.

3. Is the watch running? A working watch is always worth more than one that does not run. The less work that needs to be done to get the watch ready for resell the more money in your pocket. A Rolex watch is meant to be serviced every couple of years to keep it running…well like a Rolex. We offer full service cleaning and refurbishing for all models of Rolex watches and all other high end luxury watches.



Watch Repair

4. Box and papers. There are many Rolex collectors. Collectors like to have all the original box and papers and even the tags. The more of the original Rolex packaging you have the more you will receive for your watch. Depending on how much of it you have it could increase the amount you get up to $500.00. So if you ever buy a new Rolex, hang on to as much of the packaging as possible.

Rolex Box and Papers Example

We hope you are able to get some valuable information from this article. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this article or have general questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 713-521-4444. We love to talk watches! Our goal is to inform our customers so you have as much information as possible before selling your Rolex. An informed customer is a happy customer.

What to avoid when selling your Rolex Watch

What to avoid when selling your Rolex Watch

There are many reason you may decide to sell your Rolex. Selling a Rolex should be a simple process, should being the operative word. There are many places that want to buy your Rolex but not all places are on the up and up. In the post we will go over the best places to sell your Rolex as well as things to avoid when selling.

Who should I sell my Rolex to?

The best places to sell your Rolex to will always be a watch shop or a jewelry store. Find a store that sells pre-owned Rolex watches. If a store wants to buy your Rolex but does not sell pre-owned Rolex they are more than likely going to sell it to a store that does so not only does the person you are selling the watch to have to make a profit but so does the company they sell it to. Guess where that extra profit comes from? Out of your pocket. You are more likely to get a better price from a pre-owned Rolex dealer as they have a market to resell them and may even have a waiting list or a customer who is looking for the exact model you have. This still leaves a lot of choices however. Next you should spend a few minutes and go on google and look at the customer reviews for each of the stores you are thinking about selling your watch to. Since the posts are made by customers and are not able to be altered you will get a good impression of how well you may be treated at these establishments. Also be sure to check to see how long the company has been in business and check their rating with the B.B.B. Here at Ace Watch we buy Rolex watches from all over the world. You can always get a quote from us and mail the watch in and get paid by bank wire.

How do I know if I got the best price?

The first thing I can tell you is never take the first offer. Shop around to at least 3 stores and compare the prices. A little extra time spent could equal a few hundred dollars extra in your pocket. At Ace Watch we will match or beat any legitimate offer so always make us your last stop.

What are some signs I should look out for to know not to sell my Rolex?

  1. Do they have Rolex watches for sale? Like I said before if they do not sell pre-owned Rolex watches then they are a middleman. You will never get the best price for companies like this.
  2. Is the store a real storefront or is it an office? Another sign of the “middleman” operation is they are located in a small office and have no real stock. Any true watch dealer will have inventory on display for you to purchase.
  3. Has the company you are considering just popped up? While not all new companies are a bad choice it is always better to deal with a long established company. Some new companies may be amazing but it is always a shot in the dark as they have not built their reputation yet. Again check the google reviews & the B.B.B. rating to see what others impressions where.

At Ace Watch we are always here to help. If you have any questions regarding a watch or would like an idea on what the price range for your watch is call us anytime at 713-521-4444. We will be more than happy to help even if you don’t sell your Rolex to us. We will even give you an offer on what we would pay for it. If you live outside of Houston please call and we will give you a number to text us pictures of your watch and we will get you a quote or use our handy contact form and you can email the pictures to us.

Please be sure to bookmark our blog as we will be updating it regularly with information on Rolex watches as well as information on many other luxury watches.

These Are the Ultra-Exclusive Rolex Watches That Money Can’t Buy

These Are the Ultra-Exclusive Rolex Watches That Money Can’t Buy

Purchasing a Rolex has long been a rite of passage for successful men everywhere, often the first step toward building a collection worthy of passing down. But an even more select group wear the rarest Rolexes of all on their wrists—watches no amount of money can buy.

These are the world’s top guns in gentlemanly pursuits like sailing, motor racing, exploring and equestrianism, who have “won the watch” in competition, purely on skill and merit.

From a distance, the timepieces might not look that different from what you’d find in a high-end jewelry shop, but turn the watch over and its true character is revealed: the official engraving on the caseback, and especially the magic word, “Winner.”

These prizes are presented in Rolex’s signature dark green leather box, customized with scenes of the sport in question. But the exhilaration comes from the owner’s knowledge of what’s discreetly pressed up against the top of his or her wrist.

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Wearing A Fake Rolex?

Wearing A Fake Rolex?

While there has been a great deal of laughter from politicians and commentators, the excuse that former and prospective Federal law-makers claimed they thought their $250,000 gifted Rolex watches were “fakes” is no joke.

The short version of events is that, in June 2013 as then opposition leader Tony Abbott used every possible misdemeanour to topple the Gillard Government, he, along with Industry Spokesman and former Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and Stuart Robert, were given watches by Chinese businessman Li Ruipeng, and an event in Canberra. They were also given watches for Margaret Abbott and Chantelle Robert, with then Queensland minister Rob Molhoek receiving a Cartier watch.

According to reports “Macfarlane, assuming his Rolex was a fake worth between $300 and $500, declared the gift with the clerk of the House of Representatives but kept it” and “wore it occasionally”.

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