Why sell your coins to us?

At Ace Watch & Estate Watch & Jewelry Buyers we also purchase large coin collections, gold & silver bullion, rare coins, as well as old U.S. currency. Looking to sell coins in Houston? We are the #1 coin buyer in Houston. We pay top dollar for all gold & silver coins, large coin collections, old U.S. currency, and gold and silver bullion. Stop by our local showroom at 1330 Westheimer Rd, in the heart of Houston, just minutes from the Galleria, where our coin experts can give you a free appraisal on your coin collection.

How do we pay more?

We are actually the distributor for major large gold & silver firms. We accrue large amounts of rare coins through the purchase of large estates, daily trades with our customer and individuals, banks & lawyers, executors of estates, as well as traveling the country to major collector shows. We invite everyone to come in. Whether you have a large coin collection, a small collection, a handful of coins or even an old jar of coin that Grandpa left you bring it in and turn it into cash today. There is no collection to large or too small for us. We are happy to purchase your coin or coins. Before selling your collection to anyone we suggest bringing it by our shop for a free appraisal. You never know when you have a hidden gem in that super rare coin just sitting in your collection. No matter how much you know about coins, there is always the possibility of that one rare coin you didn’t know about hiding in your collection. Make sure you get the best price for your coin collection with a free appraisal from Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers.

If you are just looking for a free appraisal for your coins please stop right in. We are more than happy to offer this service free of charge. No attitude here, all you will get is a warm Howdy, a quick appraisal, and a big smile. At Ace Watch & Estate Watch Jewelry Buyers we are here to help.

Note the owner of the company is a long standing coin collector and professional numismatist. He has been around coins his entire life and knows all coins whether they are U.S. or foreign. We are also a division of one the largest coin firms in the City of Houston quite possible the state of Texas. For more information on the coin side of our business please click the Houston Coin Buyer link below.


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