Diamond Buyer in Houston

Estate Watch & Jewelry Buyers is Houston’s #1 Diamond Buyer in Houston. So if you are looking for a diamond buyer in Houston? Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers has been one of Houston’s top diamond buyers for nearly 30 years. We buy all diamonds 1 carat and above. We are always looking for G.I.A. certified diamonds. With our state of the art diamond testing technology, we can test your diamond to determine if it is natural, lab grown, or heat treated. With all the experiance we have gathered in our nearly 30 years in business we can also grade you diamond within a grade up or down when it comes to cut color and clarity. We are currently looking for Round Brilliant Cut, Oval Cut, Princess Cut, & Emerald Cut a carat and above. If we feel we will not be the best result to purchase your diamond jewelry we will help get you on the hunt to the right place. We want to make sure you get the most possible for your diamond jewelry. Please note since the pandemic hit a lot of diamond jewelry has it the open market and the prices on diamonds has dropped. Also remember when selling jewelry there is retail value and material value. When you buy a piece of jewelry you are paying every person who touched that piece of jewelry from the miner, to the cutter, to the deisgner, to the wholesaler to the retailer who is going to mark up the price 3 to 5 times. Keep this into consideration when your selling your jewelry. Most companies will not tell you this, but we are not most companies. We try to be as transparent as possible when dealing with our customers. If you have any question during the selling process please feel free to ask. We are more than happy to explain any part of the process to you during your visit. So when you get ready to sell your diamond jewelry remember to stop by Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers.