Patek Phillipe Building 1854

Patek Phillipe is one of the oldest swiss made watch companies in the world. Established in 1839 in Geneva Switzerland, Patek Phillipe is quickly approaching their 200 year mark in business, and it is interesting to see how the company is run today. How does it continue to be one of the leaders in the luxury watch market considering their comparatively small size and production. It is accomplished through unparalleled efficiency which is demanded throughout the entire company. What is important is that this apparent impression is not an illusion, but the standards being upheld by the finest contemporary watchmakers, jewelers, and goldsmiths within the Patek Phillipe family. Each watchmaker must go through 4 to 6 years as an apprentice at a Swiss watchmaking school. These early years are just the beginning of a long, long journey to obtaining the coveted title of Master Swiss Watchmaker. It is here that Patek Phillipe gains their advantage. Having a team of of exceptional craftsmen with years of training and experience have made Patek Phillipe a favorite watch among watch connoisseurs and collectors the world over.

Some years ago the Swiss watchmaking industry came under considerable pressure due to several factors. First was the development of the quartz-watch movement. These movements became a comparatively inexpensive alternative to the classic mechanical movements. This along with a fierce and efficient production and marketing strategy from their Japanese competitors had many swiss watch companies scrambling to compete. Swiss watch makers who could not match the efficiency of their Japanese competition quickly saw their doors closing for good. While many companies tried to race to compete by quickly producing new Quartz movement watches, Patek Phillipe took a different approach.  Patek Phillipe instead made the decision to continue to make the finest in mechanical watches. Even today Patek Phillipe continues in this tradition of quality over quantity. 

Patek Phillipe Production Floor 1900

Very few watch brands are highly sought after in the pre-owned and collectors markets. Patek Phillipe is one of those few. They are in good company being in direct competition with brands like Rolex, Piaget, Audemars, Omega, Cartier, Brietling, Baum & Mercier, IWC, and Vacheron Constantin. Patek Phillipe watches are one of the few that retain or increase in value over the years. Several of their vintage models go for five to ten times what they originally sold for.  The “Nautilus” model from the 1970s originally sold for $7,000, recently went at auction for $70,000 and the price continues to go up. Many collectors are always searching for rare and vintage Patek watches. Thanks to their unparalleled craftsmanship and durability these vintage watches still exist. If you are lucky enough to own one of these vintage watches make sure you do not ever let anyone service this watch who is not a master watchmaker and has undergone specific training on servicing Patek Phillipe watches. At Ace Watch Company we have partnered with trained master watch makers for all major brands of watches. We can service any of your luxury watch needs. Every watch serviced comes with the Ace Watch 1 year warranty.

So if you have a Patek Phillipe watch you are wanting to sell or have one you are looking for, Ace Watch Company is your source for all things Patek Phillipe. We will buy any model of Patek Phillipe watches. We will match or beat any legitimate offer so don’t take less than what your watch is worth. Call us today 713-521-4444 or stop in our showroom at 1330 Westheimer Rd, just minutes from the Galleria near Montrose Blvd.