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Many times when making an expensive purchase you tend to buy new. However there are exceptions. One exception is when purchasing a Rolex. Buying a Pre-Owned Rolex has many advantages compared to buying a new Rolex. The first advantage would be in selection. When purchasing a new Rolex you are limited to the current models and styles. While this is still a good selection there are many more styles of pre-owned Rolex than current models. Rolex watches also allow for customization. Now you can customize a new Rolex but you will pay extra out of pocket for that custom dial or bezel. When buying a pre-owned Rolex many places have a variety of dials and bezels and will allow you to mix and match already included in the price. 

 Skip the chain storesSo let us go over some of the advantages of buying a pre-owned Rolex opposed to buying new :

Price. Pre-Owned Rolex watches are priced much lower than a new model. Many people think yes it costs less because it is used and not in as good of condition as a new Rolex. This is a common misconception. A Rolex is a like a nice car if you do proper maintenance it is a timepiece that can last you a lifetime and then some. Many Rolex owners pass their watch to their children.  All pre-owned Rolex watches we sell have been meticulously refurbished to factory standards and come with the 1 year Ace Watch warranty. Many also include the original box and papers that originally came with the Rolex. We even have a few that come in that have never been worn and still have the original ROlex warranty. Many large companies give out Rolex watches as 20 and 25 year gifts. There are some people who would rather have the money instead of the watch and sell it to us. This gives you a great opportunity to get a brand new Rolex at a pre-owned price. 
 Buying experience. We have all been into that one store where you instantly feel like you are being judged and looked down upon because you do not possess the knowledge of the salesperson. And why would you? It is their job to have this knowledge and to pass it on to the consumer. Why would you buy from a place that looks down on you because you are less informed in all the styles of Rolex watches. Skip the snobby salesperson and deal with the sales professionals at Ace Watch. We like to take the time to  educate our customers. We will teach you what are the current top styles in Rolex and what to look for when buying a pre-owned Rolex. We will show you how to spot a tight band and see what cases have not been polished. We will show you how to find the production year by the serial number. If you have any other questions, just ask. That is what we are here for. When you leave Ace Watch we want you to feel like you have made an informed purchase. 

Our selection includes Modern and Vintage Rolex Watches

Selection. Like we mentioned above when buying a new model Rolex Watch you are limited to the current models and styles. Pre-owned Rolex watches have a much larger variety of styles to choose from. the most sought after being the Rolex sports models such as the G.M.T. the Submariner and the Daytona models. Customization is a huge selling point for Rolex. There are many different colors of bezels and dials. Why stick with the factory standard when you can make it your own. Many have custom dials or bezels or even a custom band. This can help you avoid extra charges trying to get the look you want. Before you ever make a large purchase for something like a Rolex we suggest you do your research. Once you have the basics down come in and see us and allow us to fill in the details. We love to talk watches and look forward to seeing you and getting the opportunity to help you find the Rolex of your dreams.
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