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Whether you have a diamond engagement ring or a diamond tennis bracelet Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers is source for selling your diamond jewelry in Houston. We purchase all diamond jewelry and offer immediate payment for all diamonds in the Houston and surrounding areas.We specialize in the purchase of large G.I.A. certified diamonds and high end diamond jewelry including diamond engagement rings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces, diamond fashion rings, diamond earrings, and diamond pendants. We are always looking for G.I.A. certified diamonds and will pay you top dollar for them. While we need to see all diamond jewelry before making a final offer, if you diamond is G.I.A. certified you can give us the specification and we can give your a rough estimate on what we are willing to pay. Most estimates are fairly accurate unless the stone has been chipped or damaged which would require re-cutting of the diamond. Diamond jewelry is a classic look that never goes out of style. We also stock a large selection of diamond jewelry for sale at huge discounts. Why spend three times as much for the same diamond engagement ring just for a pretty box. We have pretty boxes too but ours will not cost you an arm and a leg. After all wouldn’t you rather have all that extra money for an awesome honeymoon.

We Buy Fine JewelryWhen it comes to selling your diamond jewelry, you will always get more from someone who will buy it as a finished piece of jewelry instead of someone who just wants to melt it down for the gold. At Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we keep our eyes open for diamond jewelry that are in style and highly sought after. Not every piece brought in can be purchased as a finished piece. If it is an item that you will no longer wear because it is out of date, chances are no one else will either. However some items never go out of style. Diamond tennis bracelets, engagement rings, diamond stud earrings, & diamond bangles are a few examples of timeless styles and will bring a premium. These are the types of diamond jewelry we are always looking for. They are hard to keep in stock. These items are a must for every ladies jewelry collection. 

Like we said we are always looking for large G.I.A. Certified diamonds. We are able to take these diamonds and turn them into stunning diamond engagement ring, pendants or earrings. We then offer these items at a fraction of retail prices for our customers. At Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we by our diamonds directly from the public and cutters and are able to offer you a larger diamond for a lower price by cutting out the middle man. The biggest mistake most people make is falling into the allure of fancy marketing and branding. The problem is that these companies have to pay for all the fancy advertising and brand recognition. Guess who really pays for it? You the customer. At Ace Watch Company we don’t use fancy commercials, print ad campaigns, or costly sponsorship.  All the money we save in advertising equals savings to you our customer. So stop in today and browse our amazing selection of diamond jewelry