Sell Gold in Houston to Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers


Sell gold to Ace Watch/Estate Watch & Jewelry Buyers. Family owned and operated since, we have been in the same location since 1993. We are located at 1330 Westheimer Rd in the heart of Houston, just minutes from the Galleria. We have convenient front door parking. No reason to tote your valuables through a dark parking garage or walk across a huge parking lot. Pull right up to our front door and walk right in. We pride ourselves on being Houston’s top gold buyer since 1993. We own and work in conjunction with our sister company Houston Gold Buyers one of the most prestigious gold bullion firms in Houston. We are the end result for any of your unwanted gold jewelry. Yes we do buy many pieces for gold value however we take the time to go through every piece you bring in and evaluate them individually for jewelry value. We enjoy talking to our customers about the history of these items and walk-ins are always welcome. Our buyers are interested in the story behind these beautiful gold items.
The Consumer Credit Commission & The Better Business Bureau always suggests selling your gold items to the longest standing businesses in your area for the best results.  Well why wouldn’t you? If a company has been in the same location for many years with a good standing in the community that is where you want to go. Trust is a must in this type of transaction and why would you sell your gold to someone you don’t trust. Having been in the same location for almost 30 years you can feel comfortable selling your gold to us. We are licensed with the State of Texas Precious Metals Division and use Lead Online, a national database, as well as all of our equipment is inspected and licensed by the Department of Agriculture of the State of Texas for accuracy. We are not your standard fly by night gold buyers, gold is our business. We are not just standard gold buyers, we also stock a large amount of gold bullion, gold jewelry, vintage gold pieces, estate gold collections, rare gold coins, really anything that’s gold and collectible. Now open our second location at 1447 West Mount Houston 281-999-9993. Only at our second location, loaning or buying on gold, large coin collections, Rolex watches, and estate jewelry & diamond collections. Call and ask for Lance.
We ask for you to shop around for the best price. Then come and see us. We will match or beat any legitimate offer for your gold. We will take the time to appraise each item during your selling process to ensure you get the most for your unwanted gold items. All evaluations are done right in front of you. No walking to the back with your items. You can see the weight of your items on the scale, the price we are paying, and how we calculate it. Every aspect of our buying process is 100% transparent. If at any time you do not understand part of the process, just ask! We will explain it to you. We want you to feel comfortable selling your gold to us. Anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable during your sell please do not hesitate to ask. 

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