Rolex Submariner 116613LBAre you looking to sell a Rolex Submariner in the Houston area? There are many factors to consider before you sell your Rolex Submariner. In this article I would like to give you as much information on how to get the most money when you sell your Rolex Submariner in Houston. There are a few things that drastically increase the value of your Rolex Submariner. The first thing is do you have the box and papers? Did you know that and add around $500 extra dollars in your pocket? There are many Rolex collectors out there and they want those items. As such a Rolex Submariner with box and papers brings a higher premium and allows us to buy at a higher price. What is the condition of the band of your Rolex Submariner? A nice tight band adds a lot of value to your watch. How often did you have it serviced? If you have service records and can show the watch was well taken care of it can also slightly increase the value. Even though we have every watch professionally service before we sell them so we can offer our 1 year buckle to buckle Ace Watch warranty, a well cared for watch means less work is needed to service it thus again we can pay a little more. What condition is the bezel and dial in? This is one thing people don’t consider. We prefer to not have dials and bezels refinished as Rolex collectors prefer the watches to be as close to original as possible. Lastly how worn is the case? Many cases can be buffed out but as you buff the case sometimes you will loose the sharp edges that Rolex Submariners are known for. If your watch has scratches on it, but you have never had it polished do not have it polished first. Bring it in and allow us to to send it to our Rolex certified watchmaker to have it properly polished. There is an art to polishing Rolex watches and you want someone to do it who knows how to properly buff out the scratches while maintaining the sharp line and style that is synonymous with a gorgeous Rolex Submariner. Believe it our not, the scratches will not lower the price as much as you would think. The refinish is  actually one of the less expensive parts of the service.

Rolex Blue SubmarinerMany places will have a set price when you sell you Rolex Submariner especially in Houston. At Ace Watch Company we take all the above factors into consideration before we make you and offer. This process allows us to be the strongest buyer of Rolex watches in Houston. We have many people who get company award watches, who never wear watches, who will call us before to ask which watch will bring them the most money.

NOTE FROM THE OWNER:  We have seen an alarming number of very good copies of Rolex watches being brought into our showroom bought from individuals as well as other businesses. Most have been Rolex Submariners. As such we are opening the cases on every Rolex Watch we purchase once you have accepted the offer to verify it is authentic. These copies are very well done and we hate to see anyone get taken advantage of. Before you purchase a Rolex from anyone first make sure they have a full money back refund policy like we offer at Ace Watch\ Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers Houston. If you have any concerns you may have purchased a counterfeit Rolex Submariner, please bring it to our showroom at 1330 Westheimer Road, 4 block west of Montrose Blvd, in the heart of Houston, and allow us to try to authenticate your Rolex Submariner.