Watch Repair HoustonAt Ace Watch Estate Watch and Jewelry Buyers we offer a full range of services for your watch and jewelry needs. From ring sizing, watch batteries, watch band sizing, stone settings, jewelry repair, to full watch reconditioning we can provide you with any needed service. All work is done by master jewelers and watch makers in a quick timely fashion. We take great pride in the quality of work we do and no job is returned to our customers until it passes our strict standards.


Full List of services offered:

Watch Battery Replacement

Watch Band Sizing

Watch Refurbishment: Clean Oil and Adjustments,

Watch Crystal Replacements

Watch Band Replacements

Ring Sizings

Full Service Jewelry Repairs

Stone Settings

Stone Replacements

Gold and Silver Polishing

Earring Repair

bg3Finding a good jeweler or watch maker can be a daunting task. Why do you want to spend your time looking for one when we have already done the work for you.  We have spent time trying to find the best jewelers and watch makers in the Houston area to service your items. We don’t let any repair leave our shop till they are perfect. We will not return any item to you unless we would accept it for ourselves. Please speak to our staff for a time frame for your repair. The time for repair varies based upon what is being done. We are more than happy to examine your items and give you an estimated time frame to return your repair.

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