Previously we have discussed how to spot a fake Rolex and tips on selling your watch. Today we would like to discuss ways to get the most money for your Pre-Owned Rolex watch. Please note all information in this article are opinions based on years in the industry and should be used for general information to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive right in.

Top Factors in Increasing the Value of your Pre-Owned Rolex Watch

1.Condition, condition, condition. Condition is always the most important factor in determining the value whether it is a Rolex or a car.  On a Rolex one of the most important parts is the band. How tight are the links in the band? A tighter band is more desirable than one with stretched out links. In the image below you can see the difference between a tight band and a loose band. Now one of these bands are is an “Oyster” band and one is a “Jubilee” band but it at least gives you a visual representation to give you an idea what to look for.


Still confused? Give us a call at 713-521-4444 and let one of our watch specialists help you determine the condition of your band.

2. Another part of the condition is the case. How scratched up is it? What condition is the crystal in? While these are important factors you can always replace the crystal and polish the case to get it back in pristine condition. If this is needed to be done before reselling your watch it will reduce the amount you get when selling your watch as we will have to invest in refurbishing the watch to meet our standards before we are able to sell it. All Pre-Owned Rolex watches are refinished and we clean oil and adjust the movements to get the watch back to factory specifications. We also give a 1 year warranty on all pre-owned watches we sell.

3. Is the watch running? A working watch is always worth more than one that does not run. The less work that needs to be done to get the watch ready for resell the more money in your pocket. A Rolex watch is meant to be serviced every couple of years to keep it running…well like a Rolex. We offer full service cleaning and refurbishing for all models of Rolex watches and all other high end luxury watches.



Watch Repair

4. Box and papers. There are many Rolex collectors. Collectors like to have all the original box and papers and even the tags. The more of the original Rolex packaging you have the more you will receive for your watch. Depending on how much of it you have it could increase the amount you get up to $500.00. So if you ever buy a new Rolex, hang on to as much of the packaging as possible.

Rolex Box and Papers Example

We hope you are able to get some valuable information from this article. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in this article or have general questions or comments please feel free to contact us at 713-521-4444. We love to talk watches! Our goal is to inform our customers so you have as much information as possible before selling your Rolex.  An informed customer is a happy customer.



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