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Ace Watch Company is your used Rolex dealer in Houston. We have been buying and selling used Rolex watches in Houston since 1997. We buy and sell all models of used Rolex watches. We are currently looking for used Rolex Submariners, Daytonas, G.M.T. Masters 1 & 2, Explorers  1&2, Sea Dwellers, Sky Dwellers, Air Kings, Date Justs, Presidents, Yachtmasters, Milgauss, and Cellinis. We are paying top dollar for all used Rolex sport model watches. There is a huge demand for used Rolex Submariners, GMTs and Daytonas.

Why Buy a Used Rolex Watch over a New Rolex?

There are many reason you may have for choosing to buy a used Rolex instead of a new one. Currently there is a long wait list for sports model Rolex watches. Honestly, who wants to wait 2 years for a watch? By the time your watch is ready to pick up you may have changed your mind on what model you want. You may think a used Rolex will not last as long as a new one, but that is completely false. Rolex watches are very well made and with proper servicing can be passed on generation to generation as a family heirloom. Every used Rolex we sell  has been serviced by our team of expert watchmakers before becoming available for sale. We are so confident in the quality of all of our used Rolex watches, each used Rolex we sell comes with a 1 year buckle to buckle warranty. Each used Rolex has been meticulously examined and serviced to factory specifications to ensure a watch that will last you a lifetime. That is the beauty of a Rolex watch is they are designed to last. That is how Rolex has always done it. 

The Benefits of Investing in Used Rolex Watches

There are many Rolex Watch collectors. These collectors are always looking for rare used Rolex Watches. Purchasing a used Rolex can be a great investment if you manage to find one of these rare, sought after watches. Many of these rare used Rolex watches will sell well above the original retail price. A Rolex Daytona, once owned by Paul Newman, sold by Bacs & Russo, which partnered with Phillips Auction House for $17,750,000.00. Granted this 1968 Reference 6239 Daytona brought that price because it was owned by Paul Newman, these same models range up to $195,000.00. The thing to remember if you decide to invest in a used Rolex watches is to look for a “rare” model. Just because the watch is old does not make it rare, although it does help. Another thing to look for is does the watch have the original box and papers? Just like any collectible, collectors what as complete of an item as they can get. Having the original box and papers can GREATLY increase the value of the watch. While you will never find these models mint is box, as people did buy these to wear, the more complete watch you have the higher the value will be. What is funny is some of the most expensive used Rolex Watches are the stainless steel models not the solid gold models. In any other circumstances it would be reversed, but not when it comes to Rolex. The sports models like the Submariner and the GMT have become increasingly popular as ladies have  started to wear the larger style 40mm case Rolex’s. 

What To Look For When Purchasing a Used Rolex Watch

There are several things to look for when purchasing a used Rolex watch. The most important thing to purchase a watch from a reputable company. Take a little time and some research on the company you plan to buy from. Check their Google Reviews as well the B.B.B. rating. See how long they have been in business. A company that has been around longer is normally a safer bet than a newer company. There is normally a business is successful for years for a reason. Is the watch complete? I.E. Does it include the original box and papers and  any extra links for the band. What is the condition of the watch? The next thing you want to check is the quality of the watch you are buying. Does it come with a warranty? If a company does not offer you a warranty on the watch they are selling you normally they either 1) do not have confidence in the quality of the watch they are selling you or 2) they did not have the watch serviced before resale and do not want to be responsible for any issue that might arise after you purchase the watch. Ace Watch Company offers a 1 year buckle to buckle warranty. All watches are fully serviced by our team of highly qualified watchmakers before we sell any used Rolex. We have been in business since 1997 and have an A+ rating with the BBB as well as 4.7 star rating on Google. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have before you purchase any item from us. If you have any questions about any of our services feel free to call us at 713-521-4444. 

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