Rolex Blue Submariner

There are many reason you may decide to sell your Rolex. Selling a Rolex should be a simple process, should being the operative word. There are many places that want to buy your Rolex but not all places are on the up and up. In the post we will go over the best places to sell your Rolex as well as things to avoid when selling.

Who should I sell my Rolex to?

The best places to sell your Rolex to will always be a watch shop or a jewelry store. Find a store that sells pre-owned Rolex watches. If a store wants to buy your Rolex but does not sell pre-owned Rolex they are more than likely going to sell it to a store that does so not only does the person you are selling the watch to have to make a profit but so does the company they sell it to. Guess where that extra profit comes from? Out of your pocket. You are more likely to get a better price from a pre-owned Rolex dealer as they have a market to resell them and may even have a waiting list or a customer who is looking for the exact model you have. This still leaves a lot of choices however. Next you should spend a few minutes and go on google and look at the customer reviews for each of the stores you are thinking about selling your watch to. Since the posts are made by customers and are not able to be altered you will get a good impression of how well you may be treated at these establishments. Also be sure to check to see how long the company has been in business and check their rating with the B.B.B. Here at Ace Watch we buy Rolex watches from all over the world. You can always get a quote from us and mail the watch in and get paid by bank wire.

How do I know if I got the best price?

The first thing I can tell you is never take the first offer. Shop around to at least 3 stores and compare the prices. A little extra time spent could equal a few hundred dollars extra in your pocket. At Ace Watch we will match or beat any legitimate offer so always make us your last stop.

What are some signs I should look out for to know not to sell my Rolex?

  1. Do they have Rolex watches for sale? Like I said before if they do not sell pre-owned Rolex watches then they are a middleman. You will never get the best price for companies like this.
  2. Is the store a real storefront or is it an office? Another sign of the “middleman” operation is they are located in a small office and have no real stock. Any true watch dealer will have inventory on display for you to purchase.
  3. Has the company you are considering just popped up? While not all new companies are a bad choice it is always better to deal with a long established company. Some new companies may be amazing but it is always a shot in the dark as they have not built their reputation yet. Again check the google reviews & the B.B.B. rating to see what others impressions where.

At Ace Watch we are always here to help. If you have any questions regarding a watch or would like an idea on what the price range for your watch is call us anytime at 713-521-4444. We will be more than happy to help even if you don’t sell your Rolex to us. We will even give you an offer on what we would pay for it. If you live outside of Houston please call and we will give you a number to text us pictures of your watch and we will get you a quote or use our handy contact form and you can email the pictures to us.

Please be sure to bookmark our blog as we will be updating it regularly with information on Rolex watches as well as information on many other luxury watches.



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